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Adult Children Portable Urine Bag Leak Urination


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Color: Duck-600ML
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Type: Storage Box


Material: Plastic
Size: as shown
Capacity: 600ML/750ML
Styles: Adult, children
Packing: 1pc Retractable Urinal Bucket Description:
1. Portability: small and light, easy to store and carry, suitable for the car, backpack or luggage, in case of emergency.
2. Telescopic design: Some products adopt telescopic design, which can compress the volume when not in use, save space, and provide enough capacity to accommodate urine when in use.
3. Leak-proof function: It is usually equipped with a strict leak-proof system, including but not limited to leak-proof cover, sealing ring and locking device, to ensure that urine will not leak, even in the process of driving the vehicle can be used safely.
4. Ergonomic design: Round and smooth bottle mouth design, avoid scratching or irritating the skin, and may have a convenient grip or shape design, easy to operate independently.
6. Easy to clean and hygiene: the material is easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring the health condition after repeated use.
7. Fun design: In order to appeal to children and reduce resistance, many urinals have cute designs, such as cartoon patterns and different color choices.
8. Multi-functional use: not only suitable for vehicle emergency, but also for camping, outdoor activities, long-distance travel and other occasions.

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Adult Children Portable Urine Bag Leak Urination
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